Deploying a MongoDB server Securely in Azure

When i see tutorials and articles about deploying mongodb server it really makes me think why do they teach the bad practices that has multiple security holes. You should care about the security about your database server more than anything. So in this tutorial i am gonna show you how to deploy a mongoDB server in Azure for production.

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Authentication Mean 2 (Part – Angular 2)


If you have a single page web application and you want a secure way of handling authentication in a short time then you might want to check this out.

AuthO has a pretty nice looking widget for authentication without changing your routes.
That might be one of the reasons to consider AuthO. But remember its not free! You should probably check out their pricing here. But fortunately they have a free plan for developers to test it out. Auth0 will also give you a database to store all user data and you can see the traffic and locations of the users. AuthO can simplify a lot of things.

Read this Documentation for more information.

If you want to use AuthO in the backend, you can do that too!
The best way to do is by using Passport AuthO Strategy.

Passport JS has a lot of other Strategies that you might be interested to take a look.

However if you want to handle the authentication by yourself then Bravo! I am going to show you how to do it.
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Hashing Password with Bcrypt


Why should you hash user passwords and how to do it properly?

If you are a Back End Web Developer and thinking about the proper way of saving passwords in the database then you should AVOID storing plain text passwords in your database. Some of you might be thinking “Who stores plain text passwords in the database?” You will be surprised but a lot of people these days store plain text user passwords in the database. It’s a stupid idea to store plain passwords in the database. If your Developer stores plain text passwords in the database then you should fire him/her.

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